Don’t let fear determine how you lead


As people move into areas of leading others they have a tendency to  hang on to negative aspects of their identity and fail to see and use the full genius of their team. They may be smart people, but they shut down the creative energy of others and have a draining impact on their team. They were once excited by the prospect of being surrounded by the creativity of others but now those same people seem unable to move unless directed, what happened?! These tendencies come at a high price because they waste the talent and intellect of team members. They also get less than half of the capability of the people around them cutting the growth and capability of the organizations they lead. The high price is that in a time when we need leaders who can do more with fewer resources they only preform at half of what is needed.

Back to the question we asked earlier, what happened?

These are the leaders who bring along weaknesses into their leadership position.

  • The Self-focused leader is a leader who grabs all the resources and talent for themselves and then underutilize that talent or resource.
  • There are the dictator/bully leaders who create an atmosphere anxiety that actually acts to suppress creativity.
  • There are leaders who have reached the divine characteristic of being all knowing. They have no need for instruction and the talent and creativity of the team atrophies under them.
  • The fearful leader who fears looking bad, as a result they take over previously delegated tasks. If they don’t take it over they exercise extreme oversight.  The mistrust they communicate through their leadership limits talent and creativity suffers. They begin to think they can’t find anyone worthy of giving them total ownership over an area. Everything must be run through them for approval, a trait that actually communicate mistrust.

What kind of leaders get the opposite results?

  • The secure leader who attracts and utilizes talent better than their own.
  • The leader who releases vision. They create an environment  of intensity that requires best thinking; draws out each individual’s vision for how they can most confidently and enthusiastically contribute to the organizations vision.
  • Goal focused leaders Invite and Fosters Goal Achievement. They delegate well, both task and ownership, creating a commitment to deliver significant goals fostering success in reaching commitments.
  • The innovative leader models and rewards learning outside the box. They embrace both the success and failure of new ideas where innovation itself is rewarded without there being a penalty for risk taking.

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