How to Help Keep Church Choirs from Becoming Extinct


Great article on chiors for today’s church

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choir smiling First, let us address the way that choirs can minister effectively during congregational worship.

Church choirs can add so much to a service of worship.  Here are seven reasons that choirs can joyfully serve as worship leaders to strengthen and bring life to the ministry of worship.

* 1 *  A Choir canhelp to support congregational singing, allowing the congregation to sing more confidently and join their voices with those who are already singing.  In this way, choirs are helping to lead in worship.

* 2 *  A Choir will help the congregation to know when they are supposed to sing.
When arrangements for the congregational singing are lead by a praise band, worship leader, and praise teams, sometimes people in the congregation become uncertain about when they are supposed to sing along.  When one praise team singer is singing the first verse of a worship chorus, does that mean that it…

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