Money, Really, He’s going to go there?!


Money seems to occupy much of our daily conversations; it normally centers on not having enough. It is a valid conversation socially and is not considered bad manners to discuss our need, that is except for one place, and that is the church. For whatever reason people get testy when the subject of money comes up. Probably because it is a reminder of the lack of participation there is in giving.
But get this, second only to the topic of salvation, money gets more attention than any other topic in scripture! The use of our money, or God’s money, is extremely important!

Herein lays the problem, due to the social uneasiness with the money topic in the church there seems to be very little clear teaching on the subject, although the Bible teaching and the example of Jesus Christ, could not be clearer!

One of the ways, we as mortal men, have experienced God and in so doing named God for his participation is God as Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord my provider. The name was given in Genesis 22:14 when Abraham was called to the mountain to sacrifice his son Isaac. Jehovah-Jireh provided a ram instead of requiring the life of Isaac.

God wants to provide, he loves to give good gifts and he invites us to be part of that desire but for many our thinking about money is exactly the same as it was before we became believers! In other words, we were concerned primarily about our own financial security and moderately concerned about others. Now as believers our concern is with our needs and less concerned about God’s desire to provide.

However, I am seeing a shift within our church, an increasing desire to seeing God’s purposes through the church becoming a reality.
Many have stepped up to discover that the teaching about Money is not theoretical! They have purposed to give in spite of their need, one couple decided to tithe just as the bread winner underwent surgery and was knocked out of income producing for several months. They saw God move in their situation and never experienced lack, never, all the while not having savings our other avenues of income available to them.
God invites every believer to prove Him (in Malachi 3:10). My family and I live this out as a life style every week! Others in our church are following the challenge God makes to all of us. In fact one young man said that he was going to prove God all the way to bankruptcy, problem is the more he proves God the further and further away he gets from bankruptcy.
We have discovered by personal experience that God does provide abundantly for all those who earnestly seek His will, and actually put His plans into action. We have definitely seen God’s favor increasing.
So here is a Money challenge for everybody, or maybe it is a dare! Dare to put God and His words to the test. Initially it will be terrifying but soon it will become an adventure of a life time. Welcome to the thrilling life of experiencing God as Jehovah-jirah.